Creating a workshop, with an exquisite production area is not an easy matter. Neither is presenting the furniture in an encompassing and exciting way. Furniture made with love and passion is not easy to find nowadays. We believe that the ranges we create require a glowing showcase within which they can shine…
a fantasy world of their very own. But also to show how we feel about the creation of the sofa, and what it presents. And we would love to inspire our clients to create their own special design that we gladly craft for both individual clients and designers.

As the team behind LEON AT CCXIX, we would like to present ourselves.

Robert van Veen


Born and raised in a Dutch family with a history in traditional furniture upholstery. As a 4th generation descendant, one would expect that Robert would follow the tradition. But stubborn Robert preferred to follow his passion football. After a severe injury he was forced to quit his dream. While a vibrant salesman in advertising something tragic happened in his family that made him change course forever. He never believed he would walk in the footsteps of his brother who kept the family tradition alive. In over 25 years Rob built a superb know-how in upholstery craftsmanship. First in his uncle’s factory and thereafter he opened his own.

He then met Pim which was love at first sight. They combined their know-how and opened together a new furniture lifestyle company in Antwerp, Belgium. Developed a complete new handcrafted furniture range for the European marked called: Van Heeren and Hovelingen.

Robert is the “Pater Familias” of LEON AT CCXIX. He is the enthusiastic advisor of the company. His open mind and way of living is the power that keeps it all going. His years of experience makes him the perfect advisor for LEON AT CCXIX especially on the field of manufacturing. He believes it’s not only about making and selling, but more importantly for the sales staff to be involved in the whole process up until the point where the client is happy. After sales is of utmost importance to Rob. Besides the manufacturing aspect, Robert will be the advisor for hospitality, custom made items and all special designs.

We all are in a way connected to the name Leon, but for Robert especially a tribute to his brother.

Mirjam Verdoorn - Pim


Mirjam Verdoorn, or better known to everyone as Pim, is the creative but passionate business woman.

Born in the Netherlands and raised in Europe where she lived in countries such as Cambridge, London in England and Lausanne in Switzerland. From a wide range of different studies Pim worked in the hotel business, interior design and window decoration and worked for international brands like Benetton and Ralph Lauren. She had her own whole sale company in glassware in Belgium and a shop in interior design in the Netherlands. She has been travelling around the world which enables her to speak different languages. Her sense of style and passion for photography makes her the going spirit to create the look of the company and keep it up to date. She is responsible for the many projects the company does as well as the selecting and purchasing of the most exquisite accessories to compliment the perfect look. From designing a Lodge or just a trendy restaurant, Pim’s sense of style, her amazing attention to detail and friendly personality will keep her in good stead.

Alberto Tombini


The sporty guy from the team. Always active and creative. Born in Italy and being a professional football player he has that interactive way of presenting. Beside football he studied interior design which became his passion. He combined sports, modelling, creating and designing. But also by meeting other people and travelling the world he lost his heart in Cape Town and decided to move to South Africa to start a new adventure. As furniture has always been his passion he decided that his skills will be in sales also because he loves to interact with the clients, find the best solution for that perfect interior with an Italian twist.

Ilaria Guidi


The Chef, born and raised in Italy, travelled through different studies and jobs. Speaks 4 different languages, she has seen the world as a model, worked on the side lines of several designers in fashion and furniture. She decided she had to change course and follow her passion: La Cucina Italiana.

The love for ‘la buona tavola’ and her Italian heart to serve and create an atmosphere where guests feel they are invited at home of a warm and lively Italian family. Simple, pure and 100% Italian food and products. Heavenly homemade Crostata’s, pasta al Pomodoro di Lola?……… need to say more?

Buon appetito!!!!!