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About Us

An international party of 4 enthusiastic people is what we call the about us story of LEON AT CCXIX FINEST FURNITURE. All four with their own specialities that created the power of the furniture company Leon at CCXIX, founded in 2012.

Robert van Veen :

The enthusiastic entrepreneur and paterfamilias of the company. Rob has a long time experience in the furniture trade due to the fact that he is a self made man in  the business guided by his late uncle. After a career in advertising, Rob has set up and owned a well known furniture company in the Netherlands He is the energetic and always smiling salesperson specialised in hospitality. Always in action for his clients. He wants his clients to be happy and goes over that extra mile for them. His open mind and happy way of living makes him the power that keeps the business going.

Pim , Mirjam Verdoorn:

The creative and passionate business woman. Her sense of style and class makes her the ongoing spirit to create the look of the Company and keeps it in the loop. Responsible for many beautiful private projects and exclusive boutique hotels. Designing an interior for a lodge or a trendy coffee shop makes her happy. From a range of different studies in Europe  and owning her own company she worked for famous names in the interior business. These experiences gave her that special eye in creating an interior, space or place into that ‘Pim Twist’ She definitely knows how to decorate without losing the heart of the house, project or owner.

Ilaria Guidi:

The smiling face of the sales team. She works hand in hand with Pim and together they get that special twist in styling of combining Italian and Dutch influences and flair into the collection. She studied and modelled in Paris, so she has the ability in speaking, Italian, French, Spanish and English. Her sense of colour and knowledge of fabrics is amazing . She just has this exquisite taste due to the fact of her background of working with THE great names in the fashion industry. Her beauty and warm character makes you want her to come to your home and revamp.

Alberto Tombini:

The warm hearted and reserved person makes the perfect Leon at CCXIX team complete. He is the one that gets the team back on the ground once they run too fast. He stands for prompt deliveries, quality control and after sales. His Italian background is loved by the clients and gives the whole team an enthusiastic extra swing.  

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