Casa Leon

A new, grand shop in town – The new showroom of LEON at CCXIX. You can find Casa Leon in a 200 year old mansion “The white house”. It was known as the Beach Villa on Woodstock beach. Remember the place: 66 Newmarket Street, Woodstock, Cape town?

Beautiful “no nonsense” but exquisite furniture. Manufactured in our own factory Leon at CCXIX. Bespoke furniture made in the ancient way based on ancestral know-how; our upholstered furniture has a style of its own. Rousing feelings of travels and awakening the reminiscence of remote memories. From trendy striptease style, loveseats, carvers, loungers to classic buttoned seat elements. Many possibilities, you design, we create or we help you from beginning to the end product to the design of your dream items, interior, lifestyle or grand development. Come visit, chat and challenge us. Indoor decorators and qualified sales people available.

We store beautiful imported and local accessories and make you believe your travelling the world or give you that urge to revamp and redecorate your home.

In house you can find Caffe Leon to indulge your senses of flavours for just that lovely TRUTH cup of coffee, a Belgium waffle, crazy but ‘overheerlijke’ sandwiches or a delicious French crepe.

Visit our showroom and try our way of living, once you sit down in one of our creations you don’t want to get up.

We don’t just sell furniture we sell a lifestyle!

Casa Leon , created by the famous Leon at CCXIX team, welcomes you…

Caffé Leon

Get love, happiness and sensory wonder on a plate. We make scrumptious Waffles, Crêpes, Sandwiches and Cakes in Cape Town. Sink your teeth into crispy warm waffles crowned with heavenly toppings. Dig into a selection of sweet or savoury crepes oozing with tasty fillings. Take a sandwich freshly prepared on the go. Pair a daily baked slice of cake with our delicious Truth coffee of your choice. Everything we do is simply….. Yummy!

Caffé Leon Menu